Handy Information

Here are some bits of information that will be useful for our Conference guests, particularly the out-of-town ones. We will keep adding more notes as we go along. (You should definitely check back before you begin your journey to Auckland.)

Presentation lengths:
In 60-minute sessions speakers should aim to finish their presentation within 35 minutes. 40 minutes should be regarded by chairs as the time to get 'heavy-handed'. In 90-minute sessions, speakers should aim to be done within 45 to 50 minutes, and 55 minutes should be regarded by chairs as the time to seriously interfere.

Presentation equipment:
All presentation venues are equipped with Windows computers and overhead projectors. The computers have Internet access. They all have software such as MS Office, Adobe Acrobat, and Internet browsers installed. The workstations also have VGA ports for plugging in laptops and sending presentations straight to the overhead projector, but please do bring your presentation on a memory stick (as a backup option). All rooms have white boards (pens will be provided).

Internet Access:
If you would like to have Internet access during the Conference, please bring a WiFi-capable device with you (eg, laptop, tablet computer, smart phone). We will provide guest access to the University network.

If at any point during the conference you would like to print some pages for your presentation (eg, handouts), please feel free to approach us with your request. Ideally, you will be able to hand us a memory stick with your document (in PDF or MS Word format). Keep in mind though that we will be very busy and thus may not be able to help you right away, so please make sure that you do not leave your request to the last minute. In the case of handouts, we request that you give us your file(s) the evening before your presentation so that we can have the printed papers ready by morning.

Vehicle parking:
The most convenient parking location (right next to the Conference venues) is inside the Owen G Glenn Building (OGGB). It has five levels of underground car parking (over 1,000 spaces) and is the main car park on The University of Auckland City Campus. Access to the car park is via Grafton Rd, opposite Stanley St. Early Bird parking (enter car park before 10am, exit before 6pm) costs $12 per day. For more pricing details, please click HERE.

Naturally, we will try to cater to all tastes and health conditions. However, if you have a rare preference or condition (eg, food allergy), please forgive us if we are not able to accommodate you. In such a case, please consider bringing a snack with you to prevent 'starvation'.

If you are taking digital pictures during the conference and would like to share them with our other guests, we are happy to publish them on our website. Please email the files to Marco.

Pin-up notes:
Please keep an eye out for our pin-up notes wall that we will use to inform you about news, programme changes, and other updates. Part of the wall can be used by Conference guests for private messages, so please feel welcome to use that option (paper and pins will be provided.)

Auckland enjoys a warm coastal climate. The daily mean temperature during December is 17.8 °C (64 °F), the average high temperature is 21.6 °C (70.9 °F). We also get quite a bit of rain, so please bring an umbrella or a rain coat. Here is a current weather forecast that we will update frequently (so please check back).

Forecast as of 10 December

(Alternatively, for current Metservice forecasts please click HERE.)

If you have any questions or requests, please feel free to contact us at any time.