The Conference will begin with an Opening Address and the Conference Reception on the evening of Sunday, 08 December 2013. Registration starts at 4pm.

On Tuesday, 10 December, Dr Karen Jones (Melbourne) will give this year's Robert C. Solomon Lecture at The University of Auckland to which all Conference guests are warmly invited. The lecture will be followed by a small reception.

The event will officially end with the Conference Dinner on the night of Thursday, 12 December. However, please keep in mind that you are also invited to the Cyber Security Workshop that we are running on Friday, 13 December.

The "Conference Schedule on a Page" overview from our booklet can be downloaded HERE.

The final version of the Conference Programme can be downloaded HERE. (We call this Programme 'final' not because it is immune to change, but because we hope no further changes will become necessary. If there are last-minute changes they will be announced at the Conference.)

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