Session Chairing

>>> Online sign-up for session chairing is now closed <<<

As is customary at the AAP New Zealand Conference, each session will be chaired by a person other than the author of the paper.

Chairs have two primary responsibilities: Firstly, during the presentation they keep an eye on the clock and make sure that authors do not compromise the ability of audience members to ask questions. In 60-minute sessions speakers should aim to finish their presentation within 35 minutes. 40 minutes should be regarded by chairs as the time to get 'heavy-handed'. In 90-minute sessions, speakers should aim to be done within 45 to 50 minutes, and 55 minutes should be regarded by chairs as the time to seriously interfere.

Secondly, chairs administer the Q&A part of the session, thereby relieving authors of the burden of tracking who has questions and in what order they will be asked. We suggest that audience members are instructed to show a hand if they have a new question and to show a finger if they have a (brief) follow-up on the matter that is currently being discussed.

To give Conference guests the opportunity to indicate which session(s) they would like to chair, we have set up five online Doodle polls, one for each stream. Please have a look at the final version of the presentation schedule (HERE), decide which papers you would like to chair (and which ones you would be happy to chair if need be), and go to the polls below to put down your name.

If someone else has already signed up for a slot, feel free to put down your name nevertheless (particularly if the other signed up with "if need be").

Stream A (Mon-Thu): HERE
Stream B (Mon-Thu): HERE
Stream C (Mon-Thu): HERE
Stream D (Mon-Thu): HERE
Stream E (Mon-Thu): HERE

(Note: You will NOT have to set up an account, enter your email address, or anything like that.)