>>> Registration for the event is now closed <<<

- - -

Registration for the 2013 AAP New Zealand Conference is now open for both participants who are presenting a paper and delegates who are attending without presenting. Presenters may choose between 60-minute and 90-minute long sessions with precedence for the long sessions being given to faculty over students.

The fee schedule for attending the conference is printed below. (If you would like to secure the early bird rate, remember to pay online after you have registered.)

If you are planning to attend the conference, please complete both of the following two steps:

1) Register for conference attendance (and submit abstracts): HERE
2) Pay conference fees: HERE

The extended deadline for submitting abstracts* (with titles) was 15 November 2013. Please note that initially you may only submit one paper. If we still have open presentation slots after the specified deadline, we will be happy to accept further submissions. Priority at that point will be given to first papers; after that, we will be open to accepting second papers from authors at our discretion.

(* Please limit the length of your abstract to 250 words.)

We welcome postgraduate students at our Conference. However, it is our policy to contact a student's supervisor and confirm that the student's paper meets conference-quality standards. We also ask that supervisors who attend the Conference support their students by attending their presentations.

- - -

Fee schedule:

Early Bird (until 15 November)
Regular conference: NZD 200
Regular conference & dinner: NZD 250
Regular dinner add-on: NZD 55
Unwaged/Student conference: NZD 100
Unwaged/Student conference & dinner: NZD 140
Unwaged/Student dinner add-on: NZD 45

Standard Tickets (from 16 November)
Regular conference: NZD 300
Regular conference & dinner: NZD 350
Regular dinner add-on: NZD 55
Unwaged/Student conference: NZD 175
Unwaged/Student conference & dinner: NZD 215
Unwaged/Student dinner add-on: NZD 45

Day Passes (until 12 December)
Regular conference: NZD 100
Regular conference & dinner: NZD 150
Regular dinner add-on: NZD 55
Unwaged/Student conference: NZD 50
Unwaged/Student conference & dinner: NZD 90
Unwaged/Student dinner add-on: NZD 45

- - -

In the event that a participant wishes to cancel his/her attendance at the Conference, please note that all refunds are at the discretion of the event organiser. Any refunding decisions will be made after the event has ended. Fees incurred by the organiser from third party suppliers will not be refunded under any circumstances.